‘Mystery Caller’ Tries To Lure Woman Claiming To Be Madeleine McCann to Portugal

Polish woman Julia Wendell has been receiving calls from a mystery caller, who is reportedly attempting to lure her to Portugal.

According to a private investigator, the 21 year-old woman previously fled her home country and escaped to the US after receiving a number of death threats and threatening messages online.

Wendell also deactivated her original Instagram account that originally gained over 1 million followers.

She is currently living in a ‘safe house’ in California with private investigator Dr Fia Johansson, who is working along side Wendell in investigating her claim.

Her calls are now being investigated by the police, after it is thought that the calls could be linked to s*x trafficking.

Johansson said that the woman caller wanted Julia to “fly away to Portugal”.

She told RadarOnline: “She wanted her to fly to Portugal and be with her and saying that you should not be telling Fia Johansson that ‘I did talk you about it, you have a passport, I can buy you the ticket and you can come to me, all you need is love’. She’s so mad that she couldn’t get Julia out of the safe house.”

Julia added: “This woman said that she always wanted to have a child and that she could be my mother because I need love in (my) life, and this the only thing that I need love and caring – and she can give it.”

For Wendell, her claims all started with her Instagram account named (@iammadeleinemccan), where she uploaded a series of photos and videos comparing her physical similarities to Madeleine and her parents Gerry and Kate McCann, urging people to believe that she is the long time missing girl. 

Wendell claimed to have similar freckles and beauty marks, as well as sharing the same distinct mark on her eye as Madeleine.

She was also using the account to fight for a DNA test with the missing girl’s family. Although Madeleine’s family haven’t commented on her case, it’s been reported that taken a series of DNA and genetic tests that she’s currently awaiting the results of.

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