Matty Healy Addresses Reported Breakup from Taylor Swift Onstage during Live Performance

Matty Healy, the lead singer of The 1975, has openly addressed his fans following reports of his breakup with Taylor Swift, asserting that he doesn’t necessarily require their support during this time.

During a recent concert in Vienna, Austria, Healy acknowledged the presence of his devoted fans and their heartfelt signs, including one that read, “You are loved.” While expressing gratitude for the kind messages, he mentioned that he has been avoiding the internet lately.

Healy subtly referred to his reported split from Swift, stating, “As you’re aware, I’m not really online at the moment, and I’m sure people have just been calling me a c*** relentlessly. And I’ve not been online.”

He emphasized that he has been spending quality time with his friends, referring to them as “my boys.”

He concluded by expressing that although he appreciates the affection from his fans, he doesn’t necessarily need it as he has the support of his close friends.

TMZ reported the news of Swift’s newfound single status on June 5, attributing the split to their busy schedules and the realization that they may not be compatible with each other. Entertainment Tonight also echoed similar sentiments, highlighting that Swift’s friends were supportive of the breakup, considering her recent long-term relationship with Joe Alwyn.

In addition to the breakup news, Healy made headlines when he was seen kissing a male security guard during The 1975’s concert in Denmark over the weekend. While Healy has engaged in kissing fans and bandmates during their performances, he had previously announced in January that he would refrain from doing so out of respect for Swift, who made a surprise appearance at their London show. He jokingly stated, “I’m not kissing anybody in front of Taylor Swift, have some respect. In front of the queen, it’s not happening.”

Rumors of a romance between Swift and Healy initially surfaced on May 3, as The Sun reported that they were planning to make their relationship public. This came shortly after Swift’s breakup with Alwyn. The couple was spotted together on several occasions, and a photo of them seemingly holding hands at a restaurant went viral. Healy also attended Swift’s concerts during her US Eras Tour, joining her famous friends in the VIP section and spending time with her father, Scott Swift.

Throughout the past month, both Swift and Healy made limited references to their relationship. Swift expressed her happiness during her Eras Tour concert in Foxborough, Massachusetts, stating that she had never been this happy in all aspects of her life. Healy, on the other hand, teased rumors about their relationship during his performance at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, suggesting that he would ignore questions and speculation.

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