Mark Wahlberg Says he Still Listens to Voicemails from His Late Mom

In a candid interview, renowned Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg shared the heart-wrenching revelation that he still listens to voicemails left by his late mother, as they are “all I have now.”

Wahlberg, known for his roles in blockbuster films like The Fighter, The Departed, and Lone Survivor, opened up about the profound impact his mother had on his life during an interview with TODAY last year.

Describing his mother as an inspiration who touched the lives of everyone she met, Wahlberg expressed his deep grief over her passing.

“All I have now is the recordings and the voicemails that she left me, and I listen to them quite often,” he shared.

Losing a parent is an indescribable loss, and Wahlberg had wise advice for those whose parents are still alive, urging them to call their parents every day, express their love, and make efforts to connect with them as much as possible.

Wahlberg also finds solace in memories of his mother through repeats of their family reality show, The Wahlburgers.

Reflecting on the tough times leading up to his mother’s passing, Wahlberg revealed how he stayed in constant contact with her through FaceTime, knowing that her condition was terminal.

Despite the inevitable outcome, he tried to remain positive and hold on to the precious moments with his mother. “She was an amazing person,” Wahlberg fondly recalled. “She taught us all through all the difficulties that we had and faced. She was very proud that we turned our lives around.”

In a recent move, Wahlberg relocated with his family to Nevada, where he opened his second Wahlburger restaurant on the famed Vegas strip, as reported by Fox News Digital.

Sharing his excitement about the new chapter in his family’s life, Wahlberg revealed how the move has given his children a fresh start and an opportunity to thrive. Contrary to the common perception of Las Vegas as a city solely for entertainment and nightlife, Wahlberg emphasized the family-friendly and community-oriented aspects of the surrounding areas, just a short distance away from the Strip.

However, the actor’s vision for Nevada extends beyond his own family. He is actively working towards creating a studio and a shoe factory in the area, with the aim of generating employment opportunities and boosting the local economy. Wahlberg credits the income tax-free policies of Nevada for promoting a better quality of life and providing an environment conducive to business growth.

Through his personal loss and professional endeavors, Wahlberg continues to honor the memory of his beloved mother.

Her voice in old voicemails serves as a cherished reminder of her presence in his life, and he is determined to create a positive impact in his family and community, just as she did.

Wahlberg’s heartfelt story serves as a poignant reminder of the profound love and bond between a parent and child, and the importance of expressing that love while we still have the chance.


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