Man Celebrates 98th Birthday after Spending his Entire Life Working 7 Days a Week

A remarkable man in Chicago recently celebrated his 98th birthday after dedicating his entire life to working seven days a week.

Joe Grier, a 98-year-old employee at Victory, a manufacturing company in Chicago, has become an inspiration with his extraordinary work ethic.

Joe is believed to be one of the oldest full-time employees in the country, if not the world.

On May 9, he celebrated his 98th birthday and chose to mark the occasion at his workplace.

In a conversation with Fox 32 Chicago, Joe shared the main reason behind his enjoyment of going to work every day. He explained, “It makes me feel good. I’m able to associate myself with things that I’ve associated myself with for so long. It’s a habit.”

When asked about his secret to a long life, Joe attributed it to controlling his own thinking and maintaining a positive outlook, even when facing everyday challenges.

He emphasized that one’s perspective and approach to problems can turn them into non-issues. “It’s how you look at them and how you deal with them, and then, they’re no longer a problem,” he said.

Joe’s positive mindset is a significant factor in his frequent laughter, which he believes contributes to his longevity. With a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life, he has managed to navigate almost a century on this planet and still feels fit enough to work without taking a day off.

Eric Priceman, the President of Victory, commended Joe for his dedication and hard work throughout the years, describing him as a mentor to the team.

Priceman expressed his admiration, stating, “He’s just somebody who has been here for so long, who teaches us everything, who has taught us everything.”

Joe had previously spoken to Fox 32 Chicago during the pandemic in July 2020, jokingly remarking that he had had enough of the situation. Nevertheless, he continued to play a crucial role, visiting the factory to train new colleagues and supporting the team.

Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances, Joe remains unfazed. He explained, “Whatever comes up, I’ve already been through it. So, I have no surprises. In other words, I’ve said, ‘Whatever comes next, bring it on. What’s next?'”

Joe Grier’s remarkable work ethic, positive mindset, and ability to find humor in life’s experiences have undoubtedly contributed to his longevity and success. His story serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us of the power of a positive outlook and a strong work ethic.

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