Major Development in New Madeleine McCann Search

Following a ‘credible tip-off’, the search for Madeleine McCann has been extended by an additional day, according to sources.

German authorities carried out a major search at the Barragem do Arade reservoir in the Algarve on Tuesday (23 May).

The tip-off, described as ‘very credible’, specifically pertained to the search at the reservoir, which was a frequented location by prime suspect Christian Brueckner.

Initially planned for a minimum of two days, the search may continue beyond that period if any significant findings are made.

During the ongoing search, authorities have retrieved several bags from the man-made dam while investigators diligently explore every lead in their quest for clues about the British girl who went missing at the tender age of three in May 2007.

The investigation has been focused on establishing a connection between Madeleine’s disappearance and Brueckner, who allegedly referred to the reservoir, located just 31 miles from the location where the young girl vanished, as his personal ‘little paradise’ in Portugal, as reported by Sky News.

In 2022, the 45-year-old German national was designated as a formal suspect, known as an ‘arguido,’ by prosecutors. Christian Wolter, the German prosecutor, stated, “We are conducting investigations in Portugal based on specific tips.”

He continued, “At the moment, I cannot disclose the background information, such as why we are searching there and what we hope to find.”

He further emphasized, “That will remain our secret for now.”

Since then, a ‘very credible’ tip has been provided by an informant to the police, shedding new light on the case.

According to The Sun, Portuguese sources claim that a German informant has provided detectives with details about prime suspect Brueckner, which are being taken ‘very seriously’. As a result, German investigative authorities have extended the search at the Arade Dam to the following day (25 May) and potentially longer, depending on the discoveries made.

A Portuguese source revealed to The Sun, “It’s evident that they believe there might be something of great importance here because they have been given more time to search for it. The search area is also being expanded to include a vegetation-covered region, which is being cleared to enable thorough ground examination.”

“There are indications that the operation will continue into Thursday and possibly beyond,” the source added.

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