King’s Latest Move Sparks William Affair Rumors

With the coronation of King Charles III fast approaching, affair rumours concerning Prince William have reignited alongside it.

And it’s certainly got everyone talking…

Following the heartbreaking death of Queen Elizabeth II after an impressive 70 year reign, next in line to the throne is her son Charles.

Title changes went into effect immediately after her passing, leaving the UK with their first king in George VI, who’s ruling ended in 1952.

And that wasn’t the only title change that got people talking.

The role of David Cholmondeley was also upgraded, according to Richard Eden of the Daily Mail.

However, this change has brought the rumors of William’s infidelity with Cholmondeley’s wife, Rose Hanbury, back into the spotlight.

For some context, lets rewind a little.

Controversy hit the fan when it was believed William spent Valentine’s Day with Rose, not his wife Kate. Whilst the royal family have completely denied these allegations.

However, the rumor reappeared when in the recent Netflix series about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Harry & Meghan, included a quote by Harry about the royal family lying to protect his brother, William. Many fans thought this could be in reference to the allegations of William’s infidelity.

This rumour is of course fuelled even more by allegations that Kate and Rose were once close friends but are now barley accosted with one another.

And now, The Marquess, David Cholmondeley, will now serve as the King’s Lord-in-Waiting, and has catapulted Chalmondeley and his wife back into the spotlight, and close quarters to Prince William and Kate.

And it’s certainly got people talking – And users on Twitter remain divided over the cheating allegations.

”We KNOW the rumour was untrue, because Rose Hanbury, married to the Marquess of Cholmomdeley, and her husband are still included in the royal circle. The Marquess was just last week given a new senior appointment by the King. This would NEVER have happened were the rumour true,” one user stated.

However, others suspect that David was upgrading in title to keep him quiet about the affair.

”Charles know this is the way to stop further reputation damage to William. Now all cheaters & victims of the cheating are one big happy family. Just like APB, lord David kept quiet on his wife’s affair got rewarded,” one user wrote.

What do you think?

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