Kendall Jenner Responds after Viral Photoshop Fail Leaves Everyone Laughing

Kendall Jenner has responded to the viral backlash she faced after fans accused her of photoshopping her latest picture, specifically highlighting the “bizarre” length of her hand in the snap.

In an effort to address the allegations, the supermodel enlisted the help of her close friend Hailey Bieber.

On February 11, Jenner shared pictures from her recent beach vacation on Instagram.

Among the photos was an image of the model kneeling on the sand, donning a tiny black bikini. However, instead of focusing on her attire, fans were more fixated on the size of her hand.

Many commenters expressed confusion over the unusually elongated and distorted appearance of her fingers, leading to suspicions of photo manipulation. Comments flooded in, with one person asking, “What is wrong with your fingers?” and another pondering, “Why is her hand so long?”

Jenner decided to address the picture controversy with the assistance of Hailey Bieber, who took to her Instagram story on February 15 to share a video showcasing her own hand in an attempt to debunk the claims of photoshopping.

Zooming in on Jenner’s hand, Bieber jokingly exclaimed, “Look how bizarre her hand looks normally!” Jenner laughed along, acknowledging the peculiar aspect of the photo.

In addition to Bieber’s video, fans also shared past instances of Jenner’s seemingly elongated hands, further supporting the idea that the photo was not edited.

Despite the efforts to refute the allegations, this incident adds to the list of Kardashian-Jenner family members who have faced criticism on social media over accusations of photoshopping. Recently, Jenner’s sister Kylie Jenner experienced a similar situation when she deleted a post featuring an obvious photoshop fail, leaving fans in stitches.

Kylie, along with the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, has encountered their fair share of backlash over the years, ranging from criticism of their wealth to allegations of cosmetic enhancements.

In this particular instance, fans quickly noticed the photoshop errors in Kylie’s poolside bikini snap, prompting her to delete the post. However, she later reposted the picture with the errors cropped out. Twitter users took to the platform to discuss the mishap, with one individual sharing, “Kylie first posted a slide of two Instagram pictures at the beach, and one of them had clear photoshop that had me dead. Fans started noticing and commenting, and she deleted it and reposted it with more pictures and cropped out the part that shows clear use of photoshop.” Another user directly addressed Kylie, stating, “Kylie, you are the worst when it comes to using photoshop.”

These incidents have sparked a conversation among fans, questioning whether Kendall Jenner actually retouched her picture or if she simply possesses naturally elongated hands. The debate surrounding the apparent photoshop blunders continues, leaving fans divided on the matter.

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