Jimmy Kimmel Has Been Branded a ‘National Disgrace’ After Hosting Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 95th Oscars on Sunday night, but many have been left unimpressed by his hosting antics.

He’s even been labelled a ”national disgrace,” by one viewer in particular.

His time as host didn’t come without some controversial jokes, mostly about Will Smith’s infamous slap of last year’s awards show, as well as a joke abut late actor Robert Blake.

Whilst most of his jokes were met with laughs from the audience, others found his jokes to be ‘distasteful’ and ‘unnecessary’.

But it wasn’t those comments that got everyone talking. – What did, was during an interaction with Malala Yousafzai, who was there in support of her documentary Stranger at the Gate, which was nominated in the Best Documentary Short Film category.

As Kimmel thanked her for attending and congratulated her on the film, he pretended to ask a question from viewer at home called ‘Joanne’.

Kimmel asked: “Your work on human rights and education for women and children is an inspiration.”

“As the youngest Nobel prize winner in history,” he continued, ”I was wondering, do you think Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine?”

The joke provoked a small chuckle from the crowd though they were certainly awkward ones, which left Yousafzai looking quite uncomfortable.

She replied: “I only talk about peace.”

Kimmel responded with “You know what, that’s why you’re Malala and nobody else is. That’s a great answer, Malala. The winner is malala-land, everybody.”

For those confused, his question was in reference to a viral moment from the Don’t Worry Darling movie premier last year, where Harry Styles appeared to spit on his costar Chris Pine,

Many fans found his question disrespectful, with one person on Twitter saying: “Jimmy Kimmel is a national disgrace. This woman deserves better.”

”Jimmy Kimmel will pay for making Malala answer that question btw,” said another.

Looks like viewers think the host took things a step too far this time.

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