Jane Fonda, 85, Announces She is Taking Break from Acting

Jane Fonda, aged 85, has announced her decision to take an 18-month hiatus from acting to focus on her activism efforts surrounding the upcoming presidential election in 2024.

Known for her extensive involvement in political causes, Fonda intends to dedicate her time and energy to championing the importance of taking action against climate change and electing candidates who support this cause. She disclosed this during an on-stage interview with Robin Roberts at the esteemed Tribeca Film Festival, where she was honored with the Harry Belafonte Voices For Social Justice Award. Fonda exuded elegance at the event, donning a stylish white trouser suit as she received the award named after her dear friend, Harry Belafonte.

Expressing her views, Fonda emphasized the need to eliminate obstacles like Joe Manchin and ignite a sense of urgency in President Biden. She stressed the significance of voting for Biden while holding him accountable to earn the support of the public. Fonda exclaimed, “Let’s be real because the alternative is the end of everything.”

However, the iconic star of “Grace and Frankie” clarified that she has never aspired to run for political office herself. With a touch of humor, she remarked, “Getting older makes you wiser about your strengths. Politics is not one of my strong suits. I’m more of a cheerleader.” Playfully, she added, “I don’t come up with original ideas. I’m the one who takes your ideas and then receives credit for them.”

In her impassioned speech, Fonda emphasized the collective responsibility to bring about change in order to combat the climate crisis, as the future of the next generation is at stake. She underscored the interconnectedness of all living beings and highlighted the critical role played by the ocean and forests in providing essential resources like oxygen and food. Fonda stated, “Even dogs don’t soil their own kennel, yet here we are, causing harm to ourselves and the environment. We must put an end to it. It’s all interconnected.”

Jane Fonda, who earned the moniker “Hanoi Jane” due to her activism during the Vietnam War, radiated on the red carpet as she received the award. Alicia Keys had the honor of presenting her with the accolade, while Robin Roberts conducted the onstage interview.

The event also featured a remarkable group photograph capturing Jane Fonda, Robin Roberts, and Alicia Keys, exuding infectious smiles on the red carpet.

Harry Belafonte, a renowned singer who passed away in April at the age of 96, not only achieved greatness in his musical career but also garnered international attention as an activist, supporting causes such as civil rights in America and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

During her acceptance speech, Fonda humorously mentioned James Murdoch, the son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who acquired Tribeca Enterprises in 2019. She applauded the Tribeca Film Festival for providing opportunities to women, people of color, and young individuals in the film industry. Fonda playfully remarked, “I’m so grateful to Tribeca. I can’t believe that a Murdoch owns it.”

She further praised Harry Belafonte’s commitment to the civil rights movement and his willingness to lend support whenever it was needed, utilizing his platform in a manner befitting celebrities.

Climate change has become a prominent cause for Jane Fonda, leading her to engage in headline-grabbing protests and subsequent arrests in Washington, D.C., in recent years.

Addressing the urgency of the issue, Fonda stressed that it falls upon the present generation to make a difference, as time is running out.

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