Jake Paul Had Ridiculous Excuse For Losing Against Tommy Fury

On Sunday night, in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, the much-anticipated fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury finally took place. But now, Jake wants a rematch, and has a very ridiculous reason his loss.

Tommy, former Love Island star and brother of Tyson Fury, beat the YouTuber turned boxer in a split points decision, and it comes as no surprise, that Jake is not happy.

The fight was arguably the most anticipated contest between two novices in boxing history.

Despite knocking Tommy, 23, down in the eighth round, Jake, 26, left the arena with a tarnished record, unlike Tommy who has now won all nine of his professional bouts.

One judge scored it 75-74 to Paul, with the other two scoring it 76-73 to Fury.

Speaking after the fight Jake said “All respect to Tommy, he won, but I think we deserve that rematch.”

He then went on to discuss what he made of the decision, saying “I don’t know if I agree with the judges. I got a 10-8 round twice… I felt flat, I got sick really bad twice in this camp, injured my arm. But I lost, I’m not making excuses.” – which sounds a lot like an excuse.

He didn’t let it dishearten him too much though, ending on the motivational note of “Don’t judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses. “I don’t know if I agree with the judges, it is what it is but that is the boxing world.”

As for winner Tommy Fury, he told BT Sports after the match “For the past two years this is all that has consumed my life.”

“Everybody thought I was running scared but tonight I made my own legacy,” he continued on.

He even dedicated the fight to his new-born baby daughter Bambi. Fury added: “This is my first main event, I am going to get bigger and better and if he wants a rematch, bring it on.”

It wasn’t all wins for the Fury family that evening however, as despite taking him the win, Tommy cost his big-brother, Tyson $100,000.

The heavyweight champion had bet for a knockout victory rather than a split decision.

Tyson was always confident Tommy would knock the former YouTuber out. “Tommy knocks out 90 percent of people that he spars with or drops them at least, so he’s a very hard puncher and Jake Paul will find that out tomorrow,” Tyson told IFL TV.

“I’ve got 100 racks on it for an inside the distance stoppage, so if he loses, then I’ll lose 100 bags as well. I’ve got him at 3-1. I know Tommy is going to knock him out.”

“What is a little bit stupid is I see all these experts and professional boxers picking Jake Paul over Tommy. I’m like, ‘What the hell are these guys watching?’. Because Tommy will absolutely deck him.,” he continued.

It might not have been the exact result expected for the fight, but both Tommy and Jake put up a great fight, and certainly captured the attention of a huge audience.

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