Jada Pinkett Smith’s Camp Is Not Happy With Chris Rock’s Jokes

After almost a year of silence, Chris Rock finally shared his opinion on the Smiths, and broke his silence on the infamous Oscars slap.

In a new Netflix comedy special Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, he addressed the assault, and Jada is reportedly not happy about the jokes he made.

To get you up to speed on the current feud, the drama first unfolded during the 2022 Oscars. This is when Jada’s husband, actor Will Smith, punched Rock on stage after he made a joke about her.

“Jada, can’t wait for G.I. Jane 2,” Rock said referring to the G.I. Jane movie that sees actress, Demi Moore, shave her head. His joke appeared to refer to Jada’s shaven hairdo, after she opened up about her experience of hair loss from alopecia.

At first Will and Jada didn’t seem to react, but, after the cameras cut away from the couple and back to Rock on stage, Will stormed up there and slapped the comedian.

The event took the media by storm, and people are still talking about it to this day.

In his Netflix show, Rock, 58, addressed the incident and said, “The thing people wanna know… did it hurt? Hell yeah, it hurt. He played Muhammad Ali!” in reference to Smith’s role as the famous boxer in 2001’s Ali.

“You never know who might get triggered. You know what people say, they say, ‘words hurt’.

He didn’t stick to just making jokes about Will however, and Jada was the brunt of a lot of his comedy, saying that Jada hurt her husband Will more than Will ever hurt him.

He went on to state that Jada started their feud, and also joked about her affair – “His wife was f***ing her son’s friend. I normally would not talk about this s***…

The comedian said he normally wouldn’t talk about “this sh*t,” but that Will and Jada talked about it on the internet, referring to their episode of Red Table Talk.

“We’ve all been cheated on. Everybody in here has been cheated on. None of us have ever been interviewed by the person that cheated on us on television,” he said.

Following these remarks, it look like Jada’s camp isn’t happy, and have spoken to PEOPLE to help put some rumours to rest.

A source told the publication that Jada has no interest in being a part of the drama. – “Jada has had no part in all of this other than being heckled,” the source says. “Chris is obsessed with her and that’s been going on for almost 30 years.”

“Look where he chose to film his Netflix special. Her hometown [of Baltimore]. Obsessed.”

She’s not the only one unhappy with Rock’s special, and viewers have taken to social media to share their thoughts on Rock’s joke. Many people think that their feud goes deeper than they let on.

”Chris Rock chose to do his standup in my hometown of Baltimore – a city where he has absolutely no connections – when he could’ve easily sold out in his hometown of NYC. Baltimore is also Jada Pinkett Smiths hometown! Ya’ll keep thinking it’s just jokes,” one Twitter user wrote.

“The fact that Chris Rock called Jada a b*tch says it all. She didn’t hit him and yet he’s mad at her. Case closed,” another wrote.

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