J Lo Blasted For ‘Inappropriate’ And ‘Creepy’ Father’s Day Post

Fans have criticised Jennifer Lopez for her most recent Instagram photo on Father’s Day, calling it ‘inappropriate’ and ‘creepy.’

Over twenty years after their breakup, Affleck and Lopez finally looked to have found true love when they were married last year.

Jennifer described 2022 as her “best year” since the birth of her children in a recent interview with Today, when she expressed nothing but happiness for her new partner and life. She added: “It’s been, like, a really kind of emotional transition, but at the same time all your dreams coming true.”

Some believe that things haven’t been as easy for the couple as she made them seem. They have frequently been observed arguing about various issues. To add to this, their Grammys fight, which went viral earlier this year, gave the impression that their relationship wasn’t perfect.

In the clip, Jennifer turns her head and sharply addresses Ben after the actor can be seen bending down to whisper something in her ear.

While we can’t make out what the pair are talking about, a lip reader for the Daily Mail claims J-Lo said: “Stop. Look more friendly. Look motivated.”

They went on to say that Affleck replied with: “I might.”

Their awkward interaction quickly became a meme, with Twitter users jumping on the drama online.

Many were trying to figure out what the singer was saying to Affleck.

One person wrote: “I’d pay for an alternate Grammy broadcast that’s just a livestream of Ben Affleck and J. Lo’s table.”

Another said: “Someone get Ben Affleck a cigarette and a Dunkin’ coffee stat.”

The pair’s most recent controversy, though, is not about their lack of chemistry, but rather about how well they seem to get along.

Lopez shared a post to her Instagram celebrating Affleck this Father’s Day, but fans think that what she decided to post was a bit too much.

“Daddy Appreciation Post,” she wrote. “Happy Father’s Day Papa. And Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Papas out there!! We love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know.”

Despite the harmless nature of this message, J Lo’s original choice of image offended several people. Along with a video of herself gushing about what a great father the Argo actor is, she also uploaded pictures of themselves together. 

The comments section is full of fans critiquing the ‘quesitonable’ content.

One wrote: “I don’t know why …. But this post is somewhat cringe.”

A second said: “What a weird creepy picture to put.”

While a third wrote: “Why would you post a shower pic of your husband? That’s appreciating him as a dad? Weird. Lol.”

However, some fans rushed to the singer’s defence.

One argued: “I swear y’all are so damn negative! Let her post what she wants; that’s her husband. It’s her IG! Just bend over and get the stick out y’all arses already….geesh! Social media is just a hateful place.”

A second added: “This comment section did NOT pass the vibe check! Let’s not be miserable on the internet for a change? Happy for you JLo. Grateful for good fathers.”

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