‘Insufferable’ Gwyneth Paltrow Dragged For ‘out of touch’ Wellness Tips

Gwyneth Paltrow is being called out by thousands of TikTok users, after revealing her ‘wellness’ routine and what she eats in a day on a recent podcast episode.

The 50 year-old actress made an appearance on Dear Media’s The Art of Being Well podcast earlier this week, and since then clips of her controversial interview have been going viral on social media.

Users have been calling her out for her unhealthy advice, and branding her an “almond mom” – a term used for adults who push disordered eating onto their children.

When asked about her “wellness routine” Paltrow responded with “I eat dinner early in the evening and I do a nice intermittent fast. I usually eat something about 12pm.”

“In the morning I’ll have some things that won’t spike my blood sugar, so I have coffee, but I really like soup for lunch. I have bone broth for lunch a lot of the days,” she continued on.

“I try to do one hour of movement, so I’ll either take a walk, or I’ll do pilates, or I’ll do my Tracy Anderson [routine]. And then… I dry brush and I get in the sauna. So I do my infrared sauna for 30 minutes.”

“And then for dinner I try to eat, you know, according to paleo. So lots of vegetables. It’s really important for me to support my detox.”

She also admitted to frequently using IV’s , and was even ‘hooked up’ to one as the interview was taking place.

“I’m really embarrassing myself right here,” the Oscar winner said of the IV in her arm. 

“I love an IV, I’m an early IV adopter,” she continued, noting Glutathione and Phosphatidylcholine were her two of favorites.

“They’re quite hard to find, and those make me feel so good.”

People in the comments were quick to call her out for her routine, concerned that she was spreading damaging information about wellness and the correct nutrition your body needs.

”Attached to an IV, but completely detached from real people,” said one user.

”If she just ate a proper diet she wouldn’t need to take IV nutrients from people who actually need them said another.”

A third user chimed in, ”This is so dystopian and bizarre. Literally like an episode of black mirror.”

Her interview clips have also been duetted by professional dieticians on TikTok, who have made sure to spread the message that Paltrow’s diet is not something that shout be copied, and is instead promoting diet culture.


#duet with @dearmedia #gwynethpaltrow So much diet culture in this ‘wellness routine’. I worry about how many people will follow this. Please remember to eat regulalry over the day and enjoy all foods as part of a balanced diet xx #dietculture #wellness #dietitian

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Although many have been left annoyed by her podcast appearance, there are a lot of fans who are equally as concerned for the ”wellness guru” and have left comments claiming the she looks ”clearly unwell.”

“She looks physically sick so how much are these IVs really helping??” 

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