Influencer Dropped By Brand After Admitting She Killed Cats

An Australian influencer, Emma Claiir, has been dropped by beauty brand MCoBeauty after she confessed on a podcast to killing two cats when she was a child.

During an episode of the Simply Chaotic podcast, which she co-hosts, Emma shared the shocking revelation, saying, “I killed my cat… My sister did not speak to me for months and my mum was f**king fuming at me, and yeah, I killed it. I was swinging my cat around. Like, I was thinking it was just a stuffed toy. And I accidentally let go of it. And then, if you really want to know more about me, I also killed my best friend’s cat.”

The revelation sparked widespread shock and backlash, prompting Emma to release a statement in a now expired segment of Instagram stories.

She wrote, “To the people offended by my story in today’s Simply Chaotic episode that I just shared… it happened 21 years ago. I was a small child… accidents happen and you all need to chill. I hope that you are not the same person you were at nine years old and I can confirm that after that accident I have been the mother both to multiple cats including my baby Fred.”

The influencer's first post told people they 'all need to chill' after what she said on the podcast. Credit: Instagram/@emmaclaiir

Emma attempted to downplay the seriousness of her confession by describing it as “light humor” and expressing disappointment in those who did not understand it as such.

She thanked those who had given her positive feedback on the podcast and stated, “if you can’t handle that then simply chaotic ain’t for you. So byeeeee.”

However, MCoBeauty, who had previously collaborated with Emma, released a statement distancing themselves from her actions. They stated that they would no longer be working with Emma in the future and that they do not condone any form of animal cruelty.

One of the brands the influencer had partnered with then said they wouldn't be working with her again. Credit: Instagram/@mcobeauty

Emma later posted another statement on social media, offering a more sincere apology for her actions. She acknowledged that her story was not light humor and that it was a serious matter. She expressed regret and empathy for the situation, stating that she was not proud of her actions and that it had caused pain to herself and her family 21 years ago.

Emma also emphasized that she is currently a loving pet owner to multiple cats and dogs, as well as a mother to a little boy, and that she has grown and matured since her childhood incident. She concluded her apology by expressing her hope that the matter can be put to rest.

She later released a second apology statement. Credit: Instagram/@emmaclaiir

The incident involving Emma Claiir and her confession of killing two cats as a child has sparked controversy and backlash, resulting in her being dropped by a beauty brand and prompting her to issue apologies on social media.

It serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible and compassionate treatment of animals.

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