Fox News Has Secret File of Damaging Information on Tucker Carlson

According to Rolling Stone, Fox News has a file of negative information on Tucker Carlson that its public-relations chief, Irena Briganti, is keeping handy in case Carlson turns against the network.

Rolling Stone reported that eight sources within the network confirmed the existence of an “oppo file” and two of them said Briganti was ready to release information if Carlson starts to lash out.

The content of the file is unknown, but Insider’s Claire Atkinson wrote that Fox found more damaging information while preparing for the Dominion lawsuit than had been previously reported.

While Fox denied the report, the article said that four former Fox personalities told the outlet that the PR chief keeps similar “dirt files” on all the network’s talent.

One anonymous source, a former Fox anchor, revealed that “any talent like Tucker would have a lot of things, other people complaining. They encourage it and then just keep it on file. It’s just a classic dirty trick.”

The development came after Carlson’s shocking departure from the network on Monday. While the outlet described it as amicable, multiple reports suggested that it was a surprise to the popular host. Responding to the report, Carlson’s representative did not immediately issue a statement.

Grievances against Carlson and his team have recently emerged, including a lawsuit against Fox News filed last month by a former “Tucker Carlson Tonight” producer, Abby Grossberg, who said Carlson and his staff created a “sexist” and “toxic” work environment.

In response to the lawsuit, Fox said the allegations have “no merit” and that it would “vigorously defend” the network. While Fox News dismissed the report as “patently absurd and categorically false,” one source told Rolling Stone that Briganti “will never be shy about using these things.”


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