Emily Ratajkowski Pictured Kissing ‘Most Famous Singer In World’

Emily Ratajkowski has been seen kissing a very famous face this weekend…

The US model and her famous smooch were seen locking lips in a carpark in Tokyo amidst some light rain.

Caught on camera, videos of the kiss have quickly gone viral, and fans have gone into a fenny over this celebrity pairing.

After Ratajkowski split from her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard last year, one year on from having a baby together, she’s found herself in the public eye on more than one occasion for some pretty famous flings.

Her most recent being comedian and actor Eric Andre, which she marked Instagram official with a rather X-rated snap of herself and Andre.

But, it’s safe to say this latest pairing has taken people by surprise.

The man she was kissing you ask? It was none other than the famous Mr Harry Styles.

The 29-year-old As It Was singer recently split with actor and Don’t Worry Darling director Olivia Wilde in November, and now, it seems like he’s enjoying the single life just as much as Ratajkowski.

However, Twitter has gone wild over the sighting, and fans have taken to the social media to share their thoughts of the new potential couple.

”Was having a pretty good day until I saw Harry Styles and Em Rata making out,” tweeted one disappointed user.

Another bashed the kiss, saying ”The videos of harry and em rata kissing are giving me the ick so bad why does the kiss like that. What are you doing.”

But some people, it seems, are very here for it!

”Harry Styles + Em Rata is so much hotness combined,” one fan gushed.

And they cant decide who they’re more jealous of!

”Oh to be em rata making out with Harry Styles,” joked one person.

”Em rata is so fine Harry’s lucky he got to her before ME,” quipped another.

Where do you stand in all of this? Are you here for Em Rata and Harry Styles?

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