Elon Musk Reveals Why He Thinks AOC Will Never Date Him

Elon Musk is not one to admit defeat, but he seems to have shown a small amount of self-awareness online for once, saying that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would never date him because he ”isn’t cool enough.”

The pair have been seen in some tense back and forth discussion on Twitter in recent months, which all started with Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, hitting out at Musk’s new pricing plans for the social media site -where he proposed an $8 a month charge to have a verified account.

“Lmao at a billionaire earnestly trying to sell people on the idea that ‘free speech’ is actually a $8/mo subscription plan,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote.

Musk was quick to clap back, replying with “Your feedback is appreciated, now pay $8.”

Naturally, following this, people have taken to asking Musk if he’ll now date AOC.

Twitter user, @Teslaconomics, who also posted a pair of photoshopped images of AOC with blonde hair and blue eyes tweeted the Tesla CEO ”Elon, when’s the date with AOC?”

Humbly enough, Musk replied with “Alas she would never date me I’m not cool enough.”

This isn’t the only run in the pair have had, and have also clashed over AOC’s campaign store prices in the past.

The ‘Chief Twit’ tweeted her alongside a picture of her sweatshirts, and their price of $58 circled, alluding to the fact she was charging too much for them.

Justifying her pricing, AOC replied – “My workers are union, have full healthcare + benefits like childcare help, and every one is paid a living wage. Proceeds go to community acts like tutoring underserved kids.”

She continued on, hitting out at his business practices – “You’re a union buster with an ego problem who pockets the change from underpaying and mistreating people.”

Looks like there won’t be a date for these two in the future.

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