Elliot Page Claims He Slept With Very Famous Co-Star

Elliot Page, the acclaimed actor known for his role in the film Juno, has recently revealed a deep connection he shared with one of his co-stars from the movie.

Juno, released in 2007, played a significant role in launching Page’s career into the realm of stardom.

Portraying then title character, a teenager faced with an unexpected pregnancy and the subsequent decision to place the baby up for adoption, Page’s performance resonated with audiences worldwide.

While the actor had already appeared in various films prior to Juno, this particular project propelled him into becoming a household name.

Page, now 36 years old, has chronicled his life experiences in a memoir titled Pageboy.

An exclusive excerpt obtained by Page Six delves into a behind-the-scenes romance the actor shared with one of his co-stars.

The memoir recounts Page’s initial reaction upon meeting Olivia Thirlby, who appeared older, capable, and composed, despite being the same age as him.

He admits to being taken aback by her presence and describes her as sexually open, a trait that stood in contrast to his own disposition at the time. However, the palpable chemistry between them proved irresistible and drew Page in.

In Juno, Thirlby portrayed the character of Leah, Juno’s friend, and the two actors shared numerous scenes together.

Yet, it appears that their connection extended beyond the realm of friendship once the cameras stopped rolling.

Page reminisces about spending ample time together, and during one particular hangout, Thirlby candidly expressed her attraction to him. Page describes the moment vividly, stating that they immediately engaged in a passionate kiss, embarking on an intense relationship.

The actor further reveals that their physical intimacy was a regular occurrence, happening “all the time.”

Despite the challenges of finding suitable locations, they managed to explore their desires discreetly.

Whether it was in Thirlby’s hotel room, their trailers on set, or even a private room in a restaurant, Page and Thirlby indulged in their connection.

Reflecting on those encounters, Page admits that being intimate with Thirlby helped alleviate his feelings of shame. In her eyes, he found no judgment, providing him with a newfound sense of hope and liberation. It marked a significant milestone for Page, as he experienced pleasure in a way he had never before.

Within the pages of his memoir, Page also opens up about another romantic relationship he pursued.

During the filming of the 2014 superhero movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, he fell for Kate Mara, despite her being in a relationship with fellow actor Max Minghella at the time.

Page recounts that Mara confessed to him, “I never thought I could be in love with two people, and now I know I can.”

While it remains unclear whether there was any overlap between Mara’s relationship with Minghella and her connection with Page, the revelation underscores the complexity of human emotions and the capacity to love multiple individuals simultaneously.

Elliot Page’s memoir, Pageboy, provides a candid glimpse into the actor’s personal life, shedding light on the passionate connections he formed with his co-stars.

From the intense off-screen romance with Olivia Thirlby during Juno to the intricate dynamics of his relationship with Kate Mara, Page’s experiences exemplify the complexity of human relationships and the exploration of one’s desires.

Through his memoir, the talented actor continues to captivate readers with his introspection, vulnerability, and unapologetic embrace of his authentic self.

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