Ed Sheeran Breaks Down in Tears as He Gives Update on Wife’s Health Issues

Ed Sheeran breaks down in tears in the trailer for his new documentary series, The Sum Of It All.

The singer songwriter, 32, will be sharing the ups and downs of his life on the road to stardom in the four-part series on Disney+.

The trailer stars with a montage of clips from Sheeran’s life, from his childhood to current life on stage, with him talking about his rise to stardom.

Videos of him starting out, playing to small intimate crowds asking them to buy his CDs so he can ‘pay for his food’ are placed side by side with clips where he’s playing sold out arenas.

”Ginger hair, really short, he stutters, that guy doesn’t become a popstar,” he says talking about his younger self.

The singer also talks about his friendship Jamal Edwards, who gave him his first big break, and their friendship before h tragically passed away last year.

Sheeran’s wife, Cherry Seaborn, can also be seen to feature in the docuseries, as it will delve into their relationship as well as her on going health issues.

It also follows the couples pregnancies: They welcomed their daughter Juniper in May 2022, and are also parents to Lyra Antarctica, who was born in August 2020.

Earlier this year, it was revealed on Instagram that Cherry was diagnosed with a tumour whilst pregnant with their second child. In the post, he wrote that the couple were plagued with ‘fear, depression and anxiety’ because Cherry was diagnosed with a tumour that she couldn’t have treated until after she’d given birth. 

The post continues, ”Within the space of a month, my pregnant wife got told she had a tumour, with no route to treatment until after the birth. My best friend Jamal, a brother to me, died suddenly, and I found myself standing in court defending my integrity and career as a songwriter. I was spiralling through fear, depression and anxiety. I felt like I was drowning, head below the surface, looking up but not being able to break through for air.”

In the trailer, Ed is seen breaking down into tears in the car as he battles with managing both the grief of losing his best friend, and his wife’s health issues.

A clip is shown of him crying on stage as well, with Cherry admitting: ‘I’ve never seen him cry on stage’.

She adds: ‘He hasn’t had the time to process and be at peace with his thoughts.’ 

The Sum Of It All will air on May 3 on Disney+.

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