Drew Barrymore is Being Praised for her Interviewing Skills after Conversation with Brooke Shields went Viral

Fans are raving about Drew Barrymore’s recent interview with Brooke Shields, calling it a “revelation” and applauding her for her raw and vulnerable approach as a talk show host.

In a segment that aired on Tuesday, the two former child stars delved into a heartfelt conversation about their shared experiences of being exploited and sexualized in the movie industry at a young age, and how it impacted them when the #MeToo movement gained traction in 2017.

During the interview, Drew asked Brooke about her thoughts on the #MeToo movement, expressing her own hesitations in speaking out due to her own past experiences.

“I didn’t feel like I had a dog in that race,” Drew shared, leaning in closely to Brooke on the couch. “We were children. How did that movement affect you? Did you feel like you could speak to it?”

Brooke revealed that she struggled with similar feelings, not knowing where she fell on the spectrum and finding it difficult to interpret her own experiences.

“I was made to feel culpable, but at the same time you victim-shame yourself,” she said, causing Drew to nod in agreement. “We were so young and it was so ‘appropriate.’ I couldn’t feel sorry. I didn’t even know. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know.”

Both actors spoke about how they were in denial when they were told that they had been subjected to inappropriate behavior, reflecting on the gray areas and awkwardness they experienced as children.

Drew shared that her past experiences made it challenging for her to contribute to conversations surrounding #MeToo. “I felt like I couldn’t speak to the movement, and I was so happy that it was happening, but I felt like I experienced too many things that were so gray and so awkward and I didn’t know were wrong at the time,” she said.

A clip of the interview was shared on Twitter and quickly went viral, amassing millions of views and thousands of likes.

Fans praised the two actors for their powerful and nuanced conversation about the complex emotions that arise when processing inappropriate behavior or abuse.

Many acknowledged that discussing such topics requires deconstructing one’s own life and acknowledging the normalization of such behavior. “Speaking up is never, ever free,” one person wrote.

Drew’s interviewing technique was also lauded as “magical” and “remarkable.”

Fans described how she made her guests feel like there was no audience, creating an intimate space that required utmost respect. “The sincerity radiates from her,” one fan echoed.

The interview also sparked reflections on the evolution of talk shows, with many noting that Drew’s approach was a departure from the perceived coldness of traditional talk shows.

“I don’t think I realized how cold so many talk shows are until I saw Drew Barrymore be so intimate with her interviews,” one person shared.

Others praised the progress of talk shows in creating safer spaces for intimate conversations and acknowledged the importance of the conversation between Drew and Brooke.

Barrymore’s recent interview with Brooke Shields has been widely praised by fans for its raw and vulnerable nature.

Drew’s approach as a talk show host, her intimate interviewing technique, and her willingness to have difficult conversations about sensitive topics like the #MeToo movement have garnered admiration and appreciation from viewers.

The interview has also sparked reflections on the evolution of talk shows and the importance of creating safe spaces for open and honest discussions.

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