Drake Bell Speaks Out For The First Time After Being Reported Missing

Since his disappearance was announced yesterday, Drake Bell has finally spoken out…

When his loved ones were unable to reach the former Nickelodeon star for several hours, Florida police received a report that he was “missing and endangered.”

It transpires after the celebrity has recently faced with a number of legal problems. The Jerry Maguire star was detained for driving while intoxicated in 2016.

Then, in 2021, Bell was accused of inappropriate conduct involving a person under the age of eighteen.

He was sentenced to 2 years of probation for the felony attempted child endangerment charges, alongside a misdemeanour charge of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.

In response to these charges, he said, per LADBible: “I accept this plea because my conduct was wrong.”

On Thursday April 13, authorities released a statement on Facebook announcing that the star was missing. It read: “Officers are looking for Jared Bell. He should be travelling in a 2022 grey BMW.”

The post further revealed that his last known location had potentially been in ‘the area of Mainland High School’ at 9pm EST.

They added: “For those asking, this is a legitimate post from the Daytona Beach Police Department. If you have any information, please contact Detective Jayson Wallace.”

The alert caused a huge media frenzy, but thankfully the thirty-six-year-old was found alive and well.

The Daytona Beach Police Department updated its missing persons report, saying: “At this time, we can confirm law enforcement officials are in contact and Mr Bell is safe.”

But now, the Drake and Josh actor has broken his silence on the whole debacle with a lighthearted message to fans.

He tweeted: “You leave your phone in the car and don’t answer for the night and this?”

In the replies, fans have been sharing their relief that Bell was found to be safe.

One person wrote: “Because we were very worried… You have no idea how many unread messages I have from family, friends, coworkers and ex-coworkers, even strangers asking about you. Means we care a lot about u.”

Another said: “Many if us were worried. We’re all glad you’re safe. It’s good to leave your phone at home etc sometimes but next time. Please tell someone where you’re going and that you’re leaving your phone in the car. Just so nobody worries and panics.”

A third commented: “I was so worried that I felt physically sick when I read the news this morning. People love and care about you more than you know!”

A fourth joked: “This whole scenario feels it could’ve been a hilarious Drake & Josh episode.”

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