Christina Aguilera Makes Very Revealing Confessions in First-Ever Podcast Interview

Christina Aguilera recently sat down for her very first podcast interview with Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, and she didn’t hold back when it came to discussing her s*x life.

Aguilera has always been an advocate for “s*x positivity” and encourages women to feel comfortable talking about their sexuality.

During the interview, she shared her own personal preferences and experiences with remarkable candor.

Aguilera was asked about her thoughts on s*xuality, and she explained that she enjoys learning about other people’s wants and needs. “I love getting into it and how everyone operates. How much of a freak are you? How much of a submissive are you? What is your playground?” she said. “S*x is fun and knowing your body is so important and you’re only gonna know your body when you spend time with yourself first, so you know what to ask for from your partner and what you like.”

The conversation then took a turn towards Aguilera’s own s*xual preferences and she didn’t shy away from revealing some intimate details.

She admitted that she loves giving bl**jobs and even called herself a “promoter of the swallow.” Aguilera explained that after putting in the hard work, she thinks swallowing is a good thing, as it provides a lot of protein…

When asked about her favorite s*xual positions, Aguilera shared that it depends on her mood. “Sometimes it’s nice early in the morning, from the side, there’s holding involved, spooning involved. Some good d*ggy sometimes, in the shower there’s been some good times,” she said. “There’s the studio soundboard, I’ve been bent over there a couple times. Plane can be fun, we’ve definitely hid some things under the blanket. I can’t believe we didn’t get caught so many times, in so many situations.”

Aguilera revealed that she and her partner Matthew Rutler would choose their moments carefully when the lights were turned off, and they managed to avoid getting caught.

Despite her celebrity status, Aguilera has never been interested in dating another celebrity just to stay “relevant.”

Throughout the interview, the singer remained unapologetic about her s*xuality and her desires.

She hopes that by being so open and honest, she can encourage other women to feel comfortable with their own s*xuality.

“I hope that in talking about it, other women feel safe enough to talk about their own s*xuality,” she said.

Aguilera’s interview with Call Her Daddy was certainly NSFW, but it was also refreshing to see a celebrity so comfortable with discussing her own s*x life.

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