Billie Eilish Shows Off Intimate Tattoo She Vowed Fans would Never See

Billie Eilish went against her previous promise to keep one of her tattoos hidden from fans as she proudly showcased it while enjoying the sun.

At the age of 21, Eilish now boasts three tattoos, despite initially stating in 2017 that she had no intention of getting any tattoos on her face.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, she expressed her desire to have tattoos that were discreet and concealed from public view.

However, the singer’s plans evolved over time. In subsequent interviews, Eilish revealed that she had indeed followed through with her tattoo plans and had acquired two additional permanent artworks on her body.

Although she intended to get tattoos that were hardly visible, Eilish strayed from that objective with a prominent piece on the side of her hand.

This tattoo features a depiction of fairies inspired by a book called “Fairyopolis,” which held significance for Eilish during her childhood. She described the fairies as her guardian angels.

Billie Eilish's Tattoos and Their Meanings | POPSUGAR Beauty

In addition, Eilish has a “big boy” tattoo of a dragon on her waist, which she proudly displayed on Instagram.

However, it is her first tattoo that she swore to keep concealed. Back in 2018, she announced the existence of her first ink but declared that it would never be seen.

A few years later, Eilish divulged more details about the hidden tattoo. Positioned in the center of her ribcage, it bears the word “Eilish.” With a touch of humor, she stated, “Yes, I love myself.” Typically covered by clothing, the tattoo is easily concealed from public view. However, fans caught a glimpse of it in a picture shared by Eilish’s friend Annabel Zimmer, daughter of renowned film composer Hans Zimmer.

Annabel uploaded the photo while enjoying the pleasant weather with Eilish. The image showed Eilish smiling, tilting her head towards the sun, wearing sunglasses and with her hair pulled back. The tattoo could be faintly seen just below the string of her bikini. Although not the clearest photo, it offered fans a rare glimpse of the artwork that Eilish had vowed to keep hidden.

Annabel Zimmer shared the snap of Billie Eilish sunbathing. Credit: Instagram/@annabelzimmer

Rolling Stone previously reported that the tattoo features an ornate, gothic font. In the image, one can vaguely discern the pointed letters of her name, elegantly written in black across her skin.

Billie Eilish said no one would ever see the tattoo. Credit: Instagram/@annabelzimmer

With her commitment to concealing the tattoo now broken, one wonders if a face tattoo could be next on Eilish’s list of artistic expressions.

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