Austin Butler Under Fire For ‘Disgusting’ Old Photo

Fans have been left in shock after a photo of Austin Butler’s Ex-Girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, meeting his current partner, Kaia Gerber, has resurfaced.

And everyone is talking about it: Some even saying they got ‘shivers’ from it.

Just to catch you up to speed – Actress Vanessa Hudgens, 34, began dating Butler, 31, in 2011 before the pair spit after an impressive 8 years together.

After almost a decade of dating, they’re both now seeing new people.

The Elvis actor is now with 21 year-old Kaia Gerber, who is a model and daughter of Cindy Crawford.

However, a resurfaced photo from back in 2007 from the High School Musical 2 movie premier has really brought to light a huge age difference.

In the pic, a 19-year-old Hudgens can be seen sporting a red dress as she crouches to extend a handshake to Gerber, who was just six years old at the time – And fans cant believe the contrast in their stages of life as they met for the first time.

Also, considering Butler started dating Hudgens just 4 years after this was taken, only reminded fans how much younger Gerber is than the two of them.

And people are finding it pretty shocking.

The model, now 21, first began dating Butler, 31, back in December, 2021 and the pair share a 10-year age difference between them.

As the image circulates online, people have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One user wrote: “This photograph of Vanessa Hudgens meeting what is now her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend really does send shivers down your spine.”

“This photo of Vanessa Hudgens meeting Kaia Gerber in 2007 just broke my brain,” another commented.

”It’s sooo gross,” slammed another.

However, some people did jump to defend the photo.

“I mean 21 & 31 isn’t mental, they’re both old enough to be responsible and 31 isn’t old,” wrote one.

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