Audience Gasp after Hearing Cost of Apple Vision Pro

If you had your sights set on the latest cutting-edge technology from Apple, you might want to brace yourself for the price tag that comes with it.

Fans of the renowned tech company were taken aback when they heard the cost of Apple’s new augmented reality headset, causing an audible gasp from the audience at the company’s recent conference.

While the initial appearance of the headset may resemble a pair of ski goggles, it boasts a wide range of features designed to fully immerse users in virtual reality.

Unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 on June 5th, CEO Tim Cook introduced the Vision Pro, highlighting its full 3D interface and its unique control system operated by hands, eyes, and voice.

He even jokingly referred to it as the “first Apple product you look through, and not at.” Users can seamlessly switch between augmented and full virtual reality modes using a dial.

Upon its debut, some observers couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the new technology and the thought-provoking Netflix series, Black Mirror, known for its unsettling portrayal of humanity’s relationship with advanced technologies.

Particularly, the episode “Playtest,” which explores a man named Cooper testing a virtual reality game that taps into his deepest fears.

Twitter users also expressed their thoughts, with one commenting, “We’re one step closer to that one Black Mirror episode.” Another tweeted, “Anyone else getting Black Mirror vibes right now with the Apple VR headset presentation?”

However, it was the price tag of the Vision Pro that truly left many shocked.

Retailing at $3,499, the audience at Apple’s WWDC23 event audibly gasped upon hearing the staggering cost.

Reacting to the price, one Twitter user humorously quipped about the potential “add-ons” of the device, asking, “Is the snorkel included?” Another user, still reeling from the shock, amusingly wrote, “Is that 34.99…?”

Nevertheless, devoted Apple enthusiasts came to the defense of the headset’s price, drawing a historical parallel. “The first VHS players that came out would cost $3,500 in today’s money,” one user pointed out. “Yet people still managed to buy them in droves.”

However, not everyone was swayed by this argument, as another user responded, “Even if that was correct, a VHS player could be enjoyed by multiple people at once. This is just for one user at a time.”

Ultimately, the decision on whether to invest in the Vision Pro will be left to individual consumers when it becomes available in stores early next year.

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