Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls Heaven a ‘Fantasy’

Heaven, the concept of an afterlife, remains a mere illusion for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In a candid conversation with his “Twins” co-star Danny DeVito for Interview magazine, the iconic bodybuilder-turned-politician expressed his disbelief in the existence of an ethereal realm.

Schwarzenegger firmly asserted, “The reality is that we won’t see each other again.”

While acknowledging that his understanding of the subject was limited, Schwarzenegger held nothing back in sharing his perspective.

Reflecting on a question posed to him by Howard Stern, he recollected, “‘Tell me, governor, what happens to us when we die?’ I said, ‘Nothing. You’re 6 feet under. Anyone that tells you something else is a f*cking liar.'”

The renowned actor expanded on his viewpoint, conceding his lack of expertise in matters of the soul and spirituality. However, he emphasized that the physical existence we currently share is transient. “We will never see each other again like that,” Schwarzenegger affirmed, acknowledging the inevitable finality of our mortal existence.

Despite his skepticism about an afterlife, Schwarzenegger expressed a profound reluctance to personally experience the mysteries of death.

He found the notion deeply unsettling and regarded it with sadness. The prospect of losing everything he cherishes was a concept that made him uncomfortable.

“To sit with you here, that will one day be gone?” he pondered. “I don’t know what the deal is, but in any case, it’s a reality, and it truly pisses me off…What the fuck? What kind of deal is that?”

While Schwarzenegger’s belief in the absence of an afterlife remains unwavering, he aims to provide a comprehensive account of his life and career in an upcoming three-part limited docuseries titled “Arnold,” set to premiere on Netflix.

Through this personal project, he intends to shed light on the various facets of his remarkable journey.

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