Amber Heard Says She’s Very Happy Living in Spain, Speaking Spanish Fluently

Amber Heard expressed her joy and contentment with her new life in Spain, far removed from her previous experiences in Hollywood. She has seamlessly adapted to her new surroundings, even showcasing her fluency in the Spanish language.

Amber appeared in high spirits during a lunch outing in Madrid. It marked her first public appearance since fulfilling her financial obligations to her ex-partner, Johnny Depp.

When approached by paparazzi, the questions posed and Amber’s responses were all in Spanish, clearly indicating her command of the language.

In her responses, Amber expressed her immense happiness in Spain and her desire to spend more time in the country alongside her daughter, Oonagh.

Following last year’s defamation trial, which ruled against her, Amber made the decision to relocate to Spain. This move came after her insurance company recently compensated Johnny Depp with a substantial sum of $1 million.

As previously reported by TMZ, Johnny Depp has chosen to distribute the funds among five charitable organizations that hold personal significance to him. This act aligns with his commitment to vindicate his reputation rather than seek financial retribution from Amber.

A year after the emotionally charged courtroom proceedings, both Amber and Johnny have embarked on separate paths filled with happiness. Johnny has regained his standing in Hollywood, while Amber has opted for a change of scenery by leaving the entertainment industry.

Amber’s relocation to Spain and her ability to integrate into the local culture by speaking Spanish fluently showcase her enthusiasm for embracing new experiences. It appears that her decision to step away from Hollywood has allowed her to find fulfillment and contentment in her new life.

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