Amanda Bynes Placed on Psychiatric Hold, Found Naked and Roaming Streets

Amanda Bynes is now in the care of medical professionals and placed in psychiatric care.

This comes after she was found roaming the streets naked and alone, as per TMZ.

An eyewitness reports that Bynes was seen walking near downtown Los Angeles early Sunday morning without any clothes. Bynes then waved a car down, telling the driver she was coming down from a psychotic episode. She then called 911 herself.

Fortunately, sources report that Bynes was not harmed during the incident.

She’s expected to stay in a psychiatric hold for 72 hours.

The She’s the Man actress conservatorship was terminated exactly one year ago. At the time, her mom said she is “so incredibly proud of the progress Amanda has made over the last few years and is so excited about the next chapter in Amanda’s life.”

Bynes was placed in one back on 2013 on a temporary basis, after she had continuous run ins with the law.

The following year, she found herself back under the care of a conservatorship, following some concerning social media posts about her father, Rick Bynes. This mean that her mom, Lynn Bynes was overseeing her financial, medical and personal matters.

Amanda was also scheduled to appear at 90s Con in Connecticut over the weekend with her former All That castmates, however, she will no longer be attending.

Since the conservatorship ended, Amanda seemed to be doing well, making her recent indecent all the more concerning. It is not known what will happen going forward.

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